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What is the biggest nightmare of students?

To complete the task, evaluation is a first and foremost step to judge the abilities of a person. Judgment can be done in a number of ways, but the best one is that which involves the proper evaluation of a person. if you pass that step, means you are successful to carry on your career otherwise not. I personally do not like the idea of one thing that a good student fail in written exams but he has much verbal knowledge than that student who has cleared the exam because of the good at cramming. These things must be abolished to improve the efficiency of our education system. Students of any field and any age have to pass through some screening steps like exams to complete their degree. No matter the students are from the technical field or medical, arts or history, each has to appear in exams and pass it too for success.

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Some students do not like the idea of appearing in exams just to write on a piece of paper what you have learned. The thoughts that there must be a proper evaluation system based on proper judging criteria. Experimentation and clear practical evaluation must be there in order to judge the abilities of a student. Because it is not the cup of tea for every student to cram the whole book just the theories and information. Another option is verbal exams or computer-based exams. If ou education system will change, we will be in a position one day to remove the horrible nightmare of students from their mind.

Of course, the biggest nightmare of students is exams. There are numbers of reasons why students take it difficult o pass an exam. We have many shortcomings in our own educational systems due to which students want to take an alternative just to take the degree.


Our educational system is more based on the cramming, and some students are more conceptual and their learning and educational skills are majorly based on this thing. If we change our system of education and shift it from cramming to experimental and practical basis, it would lead the students towards success and their nightmare will become the dream.

Why students fail in college"?

A large number of students find it difficult to manage their own living and education too. As there are no strong, learning concepts and teachers just allow the students to cram each phrase without getting into the depth of what the phrase is saying. This thing is destroying the student's community. 


When the students will come into the market to do the job, or to serve the country, they will lack the basic concepts and understanding because they have passed the examination by mere cramming everything. Ultimately, society and educational level fall down.  Such students not only make a bad repute for its institution but also make an impact on the employers that specific degree is not sufficient to fulfill the job.

There are some key points, by which a person can remove his nightmare and horror dreams about exams. These key points are given below.

Revise the concepts thoroughly

Whenever a student is going for an exam, he has to revise all the concepts and the knowledge he has gained during his course curriculum. Revision of knowledge at the last moment can benefit you and it may refresh your knowledge regarding your memory.

Take help from handouts and notes

Students should make notes and handouts written in their own language, of the main key points. Before the exams, the student has to read it out and loud these main key points. Notes written by our own hand are more comprehensible and easy to memorize.

Repeat your learning

Whatever you have learned in a year or two, just memorize the main topics and go through it to make it clear in your mind all the feasibilities and theoretical data related to topics

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This is the main thing that is required to make your paper an outstanding. If you have prepared very well, you are so sure about all the articles, and knowledge material but you don't have any confidence, all the knowledge will go to waste. But with self confidence, you can excel in your paper and make it an outstanding and attractive.

Some other nightmares of students

Sometimes people, who are not good in calculation stuff, find the mathematics subject a boring one. The reason behind is that they do not like the rigorous calculations and mathematical steps that are the basis of math subject. So for such students, mathematics is also a nightmare.

How to eradicate the nightmare of students

Students must encourage and motivate to do the studies and they should be allowed not to cram the theories and history of the specific event. There must be a lenient criterion for students to pass an exam. More evaluation should be based on experimentation and applicability of an exam whereas less evaluation must be for written exams.

Proper seminars and lectures must be conducted to enhance the ability of students not to cram the things as such rather make the proper understanding of the data and then memorize it.

Students must take some relief from boring routine of exams and go for a hangout with their best friends to spare some time in leisure. Students also play some awful game to divert their attention.


It is concluded from above discussion that the nightmare, in fact, the horror one, can be made into the dreams of students if some negative aspects of education are removed from the education system. The evaluation must be dependent upon the original ability of students rather than their cramming potential. Students should take a break from their daily boring routine and go for an exercise to relax, or should get some caffeine. If the paper length is broken into smaller parts, then it is also possible that the students can minimize their nightmare.    

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