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Research Summary - How to Write a Research Summary

The main purpose of writing a research paper is to elaborate and discuss a certain issue, and the student is required to conduct a thorough research to collect valuable evidence and facts. The student must present his opinion supporting that issue or writing it. And a research paper consists of every information the student has collected to use that in the paper. The more concrete and solid the evidence and facts are the most effective the paper would be. And the research is often conducting by going through interviews, videos, articles, journals, and books to provide strong evidence. If the student knows the right approach only then he can write the perfect research paper.

When the student is done with the research during the process of writing a research paper, the tedious and troublesome task of creating a summary comes into play. A research Summary consists of a concise and brief explanation of what the research paper is about, and how the student conducted the research and what he expects to come out of it as a solid conclusion. It sounds pretty easy but it can be the most daunting task when writing a research paper, and which is why knowing how to write a research summary is important because it must follow a few factors in order to work. For example, when a student has researched and collected all the informative data, the difficult task for him can be deciding which information to include in the summary, as he can never be too sure which information is relevant and which isn’t. And a student cannot write a word to word summary of all the research he collected, so it has to be concise and must only include things that might be important for the research paper.

The student might have conducted abundant research on various diverse topics, and used several methods but a research summary follows the same structure no matter which topic the research paper is on. A research paper must include a title, abstract, introduction, methodology and the results section, sometimes including references and discussion but when preparing a summary of the research paper, choosing a good research paper summary template can make it easier for the student.

The first main point of writing a research summary has to be pinning down the entire purpose of the summary, and the summary must draw a conclusion to the written paper, and must also highlight main areas of the research paper. The summary must not be too detailed, as it is only an overview for the reader to understand the concept of the research paper. The detailed part of the research paper comes in the Methodology which includes a proper explanation of each research question and the methods the student took to determine the conclusion.

The Main Structure of Writing A Research Paper:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results section
  • Discussion
  • References

Steps on How to Write a Research Summary:

The student must have an idea or know what the research paper is about. All the main points he described in the first section must be described properly in the opening lines of the research summary. If the student is puzzled and confused about how he has done the task, then it would become difficult for him to make an informative and solid summary when writing a research summary. The summary must include the appropriateness and adequacy of the research paper. If the student is confused still he must reread the written work and skim through it quickly to remind himself of the essential parts and structure.

Each paragraph of the research summary must have specific attention as there should be a clear picture and table in the student’s head. Which is why it’s important to know the points in the thesis statement, hypothesis and research questions when writing a research summary. When writing a research paper the student either has to prove the hypothesis he wrote or discard it, which can be done by using diverse techniques and manipulations and when writing a research summary the methodology part of the paper also plays an important part in the summary. Skimming through stats, figures and tables are essential as it would provide a solid basis for the research summary. The student could also add interpretations and experiments for those stats and tables, and the interpretation and experiments should only be the student’s own.

The other important part when writing a research summary is to proofread the entire research paper in order to check whether the paper consists of mistakes, and also the student must make sure that his study contributes positively to the scholarly and scientific community, the paper must help resolve issues and problems connected to the topic and subject. An in-depth and thorough reading should be important when writing a research summary.

When writing a research summary a student should make a skeleton of all the main conclusion points that would be included. Such a draft would help him stick to the point instead of wandering off the topic. When writing the main points it is important to note down all the important points related to the research questions, hypothesis, methodology approaches, and there should be some interpretations and examples used from the literature review sources. And then make an outline of the results and your contribution to the study. Make a brief and overall conclusion about the study in the research summary.

 When writing a research summary remember to edit it well, and use good style and formatting structure. The research summary must be free of errors such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation and structural mistakes. And always make sure the research summary is in correlation to the research paper. If you are confused and uncertain on whether the research summary lacks that solid material, then the student can have his friend or a mentor have a look at it and they would surely pinpoint all the issues and give suggestions on how the research summary could improve further. Sometimes we are too worn out of writing that we cannot even comprehend and understand the obvious mistakes in the paper and have another person take a look at it could be helpful.

 When writing a research summary the student could lookup examples of other academic research papers, research articles, and research summaries to compare it to his summary. It could help him understand and learn better as the more he reads and explores the more it would benefit him. So when writing a research summary it is important to have someone else read the work.

Some Common Mistakes When Writing a Research Summary:

Some students take research paper writing and research paper summary writing too easily, and that causes them to lose grades. Research paper writing should be done with full concentration only then it would ensure higher grades to the student. Some students make Spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting and stylistic mistakes. Sometimes there is too much usage of words like “I think”, “I would say”, “real” etc. And using only quotes instead of adding your own interpretation and commentary, if the professor wanted to read quotes he could just read from the actual author, always make sure you have written the paper in your own words, presenting your own logical view. If you remember these tips when writing a research paper you would most likely have academic success.


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