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5 Online Presentation Tools to Make your Presentation Effective

If you are a vigilant worker and want to make your presentation super impressive, do not think that Microsoft PowerPoint is your only resort. There are multiple places where you can set your destination and all you need to do is that read this article and increase your knowledge about top five tools available at your range that can make your presentation an extraordinary one. You will not need to learn rocket science, only getting a sufficient knowledge about how to use these tools will be enough for you.

Making presentations has become a vital element in a student or a worker's life. If you are a student, you will certainly want to earn good grades and if you are an employee your sole purpose would be to make a presentation that would earn praise from your colleagues and boss. However, if you would rely on only the presentation tools that are as old as middle ages (just kidding), then you would not be able to gain good remarks as your presentation would also look from ancient times (again kidding). Apart from jokes, what I want to establish the idea over here is that when it comes to making slides for your presentation, why don't you think to make it the best? Make it best and innovative by using these five tools that would not only enhance the overall presentation of your slides but also it would be able to keep the audience's attention focused until the end. So, if you want to keep your audience from yawning, make your slides innovative so that they remain curious and attentive to each slide you present.

Presentation tools must have all the best graphics that can enable you to present your ideas effectively. Your ideas and points will be needing support from graphics and other visual tools to be presented. For this purpose, the best presentation tools are required.

If you think that making slides and presentation from old decade programmes will not make your presentation boring, to be honest, these are very purple thoughts, and you need to accept the reality. Prevent your audience from getting bored to death and use attractive themes. These five tools that I am going to talk about are very easy to personalize slides and they have got multiple graphics and visual tools as well as eye-catching themes.

Prezi Business

It is an innovative experience one can have by using Prezi Business. Through Mac and Windows, you can access this presentation tool. There is only 14 days free trial available for it. Its features include presentations that are Live HD. It has no integrations. The analysis tools provide you an opportunity to see that how many people have seen your slides and for how much time. For this purpose, you need to share the link with your audience.

It has the capacity to create presentations that are rich with HD visuals. Instead of slides, there are canvases in this presentation tool that present your content.


This programme is best for marketing and sales. Its free trial is available for almost a month. There are personalised tools available for the sales team. Its features include import or export, analytics and also online meetings. Its integrations include SalesForce. There are multiple features that this presentation tools have got that it makes sometimes too much for some ordinary users.

It is very much like CustomShow as its basic purpose also serve those companies and firm related to business and their branding. The main aim of it is marketing and enhance sales through attractive presentations.

One of the best things about this tool is that it provides you make your own decision. It gives you a free trial of 30 days and you can decide on our own that whether you want it or not. The plus point of it is that there are dozens of features in it but some might consider them too complex to understand. However, metrics and features related to analysis are all present in it.

Its company has bought SlideRocket that can integrate the presentations in a broader platform. Again, files can be uploaded from Excel, Keynote, PowerPoint, and PDF.

Haiku Deck

There are a plethora of themes available in Haiku Deck. There is a 7 day free trial for this programme. There is no integration of this presentation tool. You can use it from your Apple products as well as from Web. It will make any difference in fonts and style if you are using it on your iPhone and not from Web. Different filters and fonts combined with attractive layouts are the things that you will find in this presentation tool. It opens the door for a lot of stock images and dozens of attractive themes.

Creative Commons allow you to access fourth million images free of cost through this presentation tool. You can personalise your slides as there will be a wide range of themes for a lot of different uses.

For your ease, industries of different domains and different fields are put into categories. If a person needs to customise his presentation for fashion designing, there will be a separate category for it.

Custom Show

Branding is the fundamental thing for promoting your business. For making your brand you need to use the best programme that may provide you with best font style for making a logo and designs and analytics are also required for this purpose.

Custom show is a presentation tool that is most suitable for presentations related to the business domain. The reason for this is that this tool's foremost priority is to make the brands of your firm or business on the first number of the list. This is not a free programme, its free trial is available for demo only.

It is a platform that provides the best opportunity for branding. So it is most suitable for those firms and business who are looking for the best logo and font styles for branding. One of its features are Slide library and that it can import slides and files form PowerPoint as well. It can use on a desktop, however, you can get your slides and presentations on your smartphones as well as this programme is actually cloud-based. Its integrations include SalesForce. And one can get handy analytics from this programme.

So, this programme is best suitable for marketing as it provides all those features that a firm would require for branding.


It is a presentation tool that is replete with media. You can use it from smartphones and Web as well. There is neither free trial nor any integrations of it. However, you can take your money back within 30 days if you do not want to buy it. Its features include playlists and real-time sharing options. It is a presentation tool that is Web-based, however, you can connect files from much other software to customise your playlist.

One of the attractive features of it includes that your audience can see your presentation slides by only clicking a link that you have shared with them all. You can control your slideshow through your smartphone or computer as well.

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