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How to be Master Essay writing

Writing something is not easy, It requires greater knowledge, experiences, creativity and most of the time. Inspiration and devotion are the keys to create an effective essay that will attract the attention of the readers. An essay is a tool, which tells the abilities, thoughts, ideas and attitude of a person to the audience. The length of an essay should be good because it is not just a reading; it is also about deep analysis and synthesis of the intellectual abilities and the greater knowledge. Many people face problems in writing an essay, they have no idea what a good essay looks like. Well, here are seven basic tips to write an effective essay and that will make you master in writing essays.

Pick a Topic

A good essay always has a great topic. Before writing an essay, you need a good topic for an essay, it will be easy if you have already interested in a specific topic. It is hard to write about something if you do not care about it. If you do not assign a topic yet well few tips will help you find a great topic for your essay.

  • Brainstorming
  • Make List
  • Interview Others
  • Free Write
  • Map Out Your Ideas

These few points will help you to choose a topic, which will attract the audience, and it gives you an idea what they actually want to read. Define your purpose of the essay. Whether it is informative or discussion about anything. Set the goals of the essay and keep the audience in mind what kind of peoples will read it. Your interest in the essay should be reflected in your essay.

 An Outline

An effective essay is form of well-organized thoughts and ideas. Make the list of your ideas and find a good connections and links between them. This will act as the foundation of your essay. Write the topic name in the middle of the page. Start with the main idea of the essay and small ideas, which follow them. in this way you will be able to make the connection between the ideas and lead you to write a good essay.

Thesis Statement

With the good topic name and the important ideas and thoughts of the topic, now the thesis statement come in play. Thesis statement should be good reflect the main objective of your essay to the readers. Witting a thesis statement should consist of two sentence statements. First will describe the name of the topic. The second will describe the main objective of your essay.

 The Introduction

You have made the outline and thesis this far, now it's time to add he introduction in the essay. It is very important in any kind of essays. The introduction is the part of essay which attracts the attention of the readers and reflect the main points of your essay. You can add a story, any dialogue or a quote that will shock the reader and feel curious about your essay. Your introduction should have strong connection with the thesis statement.

Write up Body

The body of your essay consists of argue, explanation and description of the topic. All the ideas you have enlisted in the outline will become the each new paragraphs within the body of the essay. Basic structure of each paragraph in the body will be same. start with the main ideas and thoughts of the essay in the introductory paragraph. then write the small ideas which follow the main theme or idea of the essay. write all the information and data you have collected about the topic of essay. all the paragraphs should be in order and have sense in them. Conclude each paragraph with a final sentence which will summarizes the argument you have point out in that paragraph. 

Write Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph should summarize your essay. it start with the introduction in backwards. write the main ideas and principles of your main body. The second last sentence should be consist of thesis statement of your essay. Your final sentence should be a suggestion and any future prediction that will be helpful to the readers based on your essay.  

Final Touchup

Writing outline, introduction, main body, and conclusion did not complete the essay. There are many little thing which needs to check. Overview your essay. Order of all the paragraphs should be checked. The main points of each idea should be in the first and last of the main body. All the paragraphs should have connection sense in them. Finally, read the essay and see what you have written. Check it and feel if there is no sense in the essay. All the sentences should flow smoothly and they should have connections with the main idea of the topic. Grammar and spell mistakes should be checked. Add footnotes and bibliography if necessary.


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