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Top 5 Most intelligent students’ Countries

Formal and informal education has always been different in different countries. Every country has its own way of promoting literacy and education.   There are some countries which thoroughly depends on literacy alone and there are some which considers education as the main thing in one's education. Literacy means when a person becomes able to read and write the national language of his country. However, there are some criteria which determine the quality of students. In today's article I will be discussing the top five most countries which are called intelligent due to the rate and quality of their students.

Chinese Taiwan:

Is on the fifth number in the list of those countries which are five top most intelligent student's countries. Taiwan is actually a country which is a small island. Its area is of 180km. It is on the east of China on the globe. There are traditional temples related to Chinese tradition as well as modern cities in this countries. There are many ethnic groups and the most populated ethnic group living at Taiwan is Han group. The average score of the students of this country is 541.6. The students over all secured 559.8 scores in Mathematics. Moreover, science scores are only a few scores lower than the Mathematics. The science score is 523.3. The total population of this country is 23.5 and the enrolment rate of this country is 1.00.

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The organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) marked a ranking under the administration of it, and this organization said that Taiwan and Japan are on the 4th position according to the scores of two subjects i.e.  Science and Mathematics. China Post says that Taiwan is on the top fifth position in Asian countries. And fourth position on an international level.This data shows that Taiwan is the top fifth most intelligent country of the world because of the scores its students got in the fields of Science and Mathematics.


Japan which is again an island in East Asia. Its population is around 127 million according to the World Bank 2016. It is in the Pacific Ocean and consists of dense cities. There are many temples and shrines in this country. Tokyo is its capital that is very famous for its skyscrapers and pop culture. Japanese schools start their school year in April. They give six years for the elementary schooling. Three years are given for junior high school. These years i.e. elementary schooling and junior high school are considered compulsory.  However, these compulsory years are not compulsory for the foreigners.


Its average scores is 541.6 and its students secured 536.4 and 546.7 in Mathematics and Science respectively. The rate of its enrolment us 0.98. However, the total population of Japan is 126.7. Moreover, 4.917 dollars trillion is actually its GDP, having 38,797$ for its per capita.

The expenditure that the country specifies for per student is higher as compared to the expenditure of GDP. Japan focuses mainly on primary elementary schooling and junior schooling that becomes 9 years. For this reason we can say that Japan is on the fourth most intelligent country position because it has school kids who are considered incumbent to go to school and get education.



Korea is again an Asian country. It is in East Asia. Its population is 76.5 million that was estimated in 2015 having area of 219,155 km2. The tradition of education in Korea is that the education is given by public schools as well as private schools. Private schools are not entirely independent but the government provides funding to both kind of schools. However, the private school quota is lesser that the quotaallotted for the government schools. English teaching is also getting very famous in Korea.The average score that the school going Korean students get is 545.8. However Korean students got 553.8 scores in Mathematics. They got 537.8 scores in Science subjects.

Korea has the rate of 0.98 enrolment in Mathematics and Science test however the population is 50.7. The point to remember is that its GDP is 1.895 dollars trillions but 37,413 dollars is per capita GDP. Korean performance is PISA cannot be denied. When the average is taken, we see that every one of the three students become able to reach the most intelligent level in Mathematics. According to a research, Korea increased by 6 percent point in the performance of the students of fifth standard. So these are the things that make Korea top third most intelligent student country.

Hong Kong:

According to literacy Hong Kong becomes the second most intelligent student country of the world. It is a country that has average score of 548.1 of students. Its Mathematics result is 561.2 and Science score is 554.9. These scores show that Hong Kong has a good average of intelligence of their students. This country's rate of the enrolment is 0.92. However, its total population is 7.3. As far as the GDP of this country is concerned, that is 421 dollars billion and at the same time the per capita is 57,677 dollars GDP.

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This country has the second top most ranking in the case of students. In the domain of reading, literacy, science subject and Mathematics they have scored second top most in the world. Hong Kong education system is very similar to the United Kingdom.That is to say, it is very much like English system in nature wise. There are two departments which manage the education system in Hong Kong i.e. Social Welfare Department and Education Bureau. So these are the things that make Hong Kong the second top most intelligent country of the world.


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