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We all know about the word “Essay” today I introduce the essay on service. Service is taken in the sense of provide an offer.When we talk about an essay on service its mean we provide a skillful person for writing purpose. Some people write their dedication to the God. Some dedicated to the parents and humanity. There are many definitions in the books and have the different meaning. Every person thinks in his or her context. Everyone has a different thought on the same topic. Even the different dictionaries also define the same word in a different way. It is due to also culture difference. Different nations are live in the world; their culture does not resemble each other. There is a different deeper meaning to the service. If there is no service in the world, there is no business. Some people dedicate their services to the humanity. Service world is also relating a servant who serves to others. According to my point of view, the best definition of the service is an action, which is done for someone. Essay defines as a short piece of writing. You are reading about any topic and able to describe in your own words two to three pages. It means you can write an essay. Service is also intrinsic or extrinsic. If a person other for the inner sake it means intrinsic service, they made to serve the people. If the person serves to the other for sake of reward is called extrinsic service. Essay word limit is about to 500 to 2000 words. According to the set standard of the different education system limit exceed or decrease in the essay. When anyone wants, write an essay, start choose a topic and stuck on it. Write using the main heading and use the subheading and body paragraph. Use your thought in a logical way. The reader feels pleasure and clears the meaning of the essay.

How to write the professional essay

Some people not able to write an essay, those people get services and write an essay on services. Many countries provide the best writer and write an essay on the services, they also charge money. For writing an essay give your opinion and collect all ideas about the given topic. In the first level, plan how to write an essay. An essay should be in logical order. Gather all the data and facts about to the topic. Make sure you are not skipping any important information. Like other countries, we are also; provide an essay writing service on the demand. Any type of essay related to any subject. We have a staff of brilliant writing skills. They are able to write on any topic.

For writing a professional essay, select the topic and discuss all the important area, which cover your topic and gathering information. For writing an essay introduction is important and the main body comprises many factor and description. An essay should be like a story. A start should be attractive. Readers feel fun as they read the start and develop the interest. Describe the background history of the essay.

How to write the main body

An essay starts with the introduction and background information. The body should the main heading. Minimum five paragraphs should be in the main body part. Which tell the entire brief introduction, facts and figure and each data you want to describe in the essay. For a good impact made an outline of all the heading and put into the start of an essay. A reader sees the outline and the relevant data should be taken from the relevant outline. An essay is base own arguments and comments. Essay commonly in English uses a critical literary. Many people show their daily basis observation and describe in an essay. An essay has followed some principles; it depicts all the information gathers cover all facts of the world. An essay has different in styles and forms. There are following essay format, which uses in the different universities. Customer sends their requirement and instruction. Essay service fulfilled their demand and work according to customer given instruction. Sometimes, the essay in the form of compare, customer want to data about two topics with the comparison, this essays called compare and contrast essay. Write in the one topic in the detailed form is called the descriptive essay. It also tells, what other author said about this topic. Give your argument and criticize the comments, which you think that is not possible. For criticizing the other view, the different view comes and generates a bundle of knowledge. Some essays are in the form of philosophical, every people talk about their philosophy. Every person philosophy means that every person has its own philosophy, thoughts, reality. Realities are subjective if we talk about the different qualitative context.

The narrative essay describes the whole life of the person. In the Muslims context, a life of the last prophet (P.B.U.H) is the narrative essay. If we talk about Christian religious context, a life of Jesus is the form of the narrative essay. Economically are also essay form, this essay is a type of argumentive essay and totally based on the critical comments. As well as the essay, become a part of academic education. From school life to at the end there is the ongoing cycle of an essay. It is compulsory to write in the essay al words and phrase according to your topic. The reflective essay is the real piece of the world. It base on the reality. The writer focuses on the current situation which bases on reality. The film is also a type of essay for illiterate people; they can see in the video form and enjoy it. They can understand in this way of a scheme. Describe all the facts in the chronological order, the essay might be in the form of narrative or story. The reader understands easily your words. The data all you describe in the essay should be in the form of cause and effect compare and contrast, clarify the data in logical order, sand discuss all the thought and list of phrases. An essay can overlap the academic paper. If a person writes freely essay with essential components. Then it becomes a good writer.


There is no need for a conclusion in the last of the essay because all the information already describes earlier in the main body part. Summarize the source of the original text taken, describes the entire outline in the essay, give entire thought incomplete essay what you are talking. Explain what are you understand at the end. Add quotation to be attractive your essay. If you discuss thought of another author then give proper reference. A reader can be getting all related information from the original source. Pros and cons important in the essay do not miss this part. As we know all everything has some advantage and disadvantage. Highlight the positive as the well negative aspect of the given topic. Some essay also has abstract, the main purpose of abstract is that summarize the theme in the start. Some reader is not interesting to read the entire essay they only read the abstract and make sure clear the whole idea of the given topic. Many sites help in the writing of the essay on service.

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