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A long essay on the particular subject is called Dissertation writing. It may be easy, thesis, paper, study, discourse. There are many of dissertation sites in the UK, which help the students in dissertation writing. Dissertation writers provide an exceptional and outstanding dissertation, they are passed from top London universities, and they know how to write the best dissertation. Dissertation writers guide the students how to write the best dissertations. It requires the candidate to master in the subject area. It focuses on the intellectual skill and professional development. For many of student's dissertations is challenging, however, it is not possible to meet the challenge. Master degree makes students master in one subject area. However, the master degree provides students mid-career development.  Student's skills are polished and they brought up in professional development.  A dissertation is an essential element of the programme. In 2005, Anson and Smith's research has found that Higher Education focuses on the dissertations writing. Dissertations in the non-native language are very hard for the students, but many students also do this hard task and gaining benefits. Many of dissertations write in the English language, it gives benefits to the students. Some of the students after writing the dissertations can improve their intellectual and personal skill and professional development occurs. Students enjoy the reading articles and conclude the literature in new situations. Writing dissertation is a positive experience for the writer.

Writing a dissertation will enhance knowledge of the topic

Dissertation writing is unique but all students share their own thoughts and findings, composing their own words. Research is always starting with a question and researcher found the answer to these questions. Actually when a question arises in mind and we are finding the answer is the theoretical framework. We read every day a bundle of information on the internet and find the answer to the question which comes in our mind. If you have some type of question in your mind and your question suggests you a purpose for your dissertation. Once you develop an instrument and then you need to check its validity and reliability. It may take several days. After that process, you can collect data and be analyzing data. Dissertations demand to test the previous knowledge and apply to the different and new situation.

Coding open-ended Question

The open-ended question can be used in the instrument that gives the benefit in qualitative research that data can be collected in the huge bundle of form and cover all boundaries. Open-ended question help to clear the hypothesis and give the direction. In the coding, make a set of ideas and themes. However, analysis of the open-ended question is very complicated. In the contrast as compare, the quantitative data dissertation is easy. Data is in the form of the number and can be easily getting the result. However, quantitative data cover only limited data. A hypothesis is clear in the quantitative research. Recording the data is an important step. Before starting the data analysis, make a summary sheet for data. If your instrument is the questionnaire, collect all the data and find the result. However, if you have qualitative data then your data is in huge form of quality focus.

Dissertation goals

Keep in mind few steps when writing a dissertation: Write an introduction about to topic, it covers aims, research questions, and objectives, the significance of the study and delimitation of the study, hypothesis, Independent and dependent variables. The literature review is the second step. According to the topic read the knowledge and set in the new situation. The methodology comprises the third chapter and pilot testing all come in this chapter. Validity and reliability are also justified, how it comes and all detail about the instrument.

The role of dissertation

The term dissertation is used in the field of education. The UK concludes dissertations to master level.  International students come from Asia to the UK with huge expectations and experience. British education system adapting new ways of preparing assignments. One of the biggest problems is plagiarism in the dissertation. The students cannot copy the material from any site. They can take the idea and rephrase the data in their own words. In methodology, write the method of your research and findings of data. Also, write which method you apply in your research. Valid data should be entered for the result. Data analysis is the main part of this chapter. For finding result data of all interviewees are entered and then analyze the data. Students learn from different sites knowledge and write their own words. Dissertation writing is also helpful for the students. Supervisors also engage in the dissertation, help the students, and diagnose the problem. Every student has the different learning experience and some have different influence according to their background, which influences in their personality. At the first stage, there is a challenge in a selection of topic. Students read the literature according to their interests, find out the problem, and start research on the topic. During the first stage of a topic, the selection is the very challenging stage. If the guide is available like a supervisor, then it is good for the students. The whole research is base on the topic. After the collection of data, the data will be analyzed. For international students, there will be complete and clear rules, which help the international students to make dissertations easily.

Research dissertation contains the following information:

  • Title and Author information: You can elaborate the main idea of the article and authors name are listed affiliation.
  • Abstract: the main idea and complete concept write in this portion.
  • Introduction: It can contain background and statement of the problem, purpose of the research and hypothesis.
  • Methodology: Describe how the research was conducted, sample study, validity and reliability.
  • Result or findings: Summarize the whole findings and text, table.
  • Discussion or recommendations: explain or justified the result and concluded future areas of the research.
  • References: A list of completed work of cited author and listed in the dissertations. A complete reference contains Name of journal, Page number, volume number, year of publication.

Conclusion or recommendations: The findings from the research are very important and training is given to the students, how to write a dissertation. If the complete tutorial sends to the students, they can easily write the dissertations. At the first time dissertations, writing is the very challenging task but after doing one time, it is easy for the students. The research suggests the findings. It develops the critical skills of the students and polish intellectual skills. For international students, there will be a tutorial, which helps him to seek knowledge. It helps the students to think critically. After research, there is the collection of information and give us the beneficial result which gives us the solution to some problems. Students highlighted the new discover knowledge and which is further useful in the field of education. The dissertation is discovering work in every field of the education. The article gives a complex view of the information and hidden views of the aspects. A citation is an important aspect of the dissertation, which covers the specific information. The result of the study provides the better understanding and strategically support and establish the link between researchers. Dissertations cover new information or discover new knowledge.


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